SEMA Edition M&S America Elantra N Swan Neck Spoiler


2022 SEMA M&S America Hyundai Elantra N
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 Prepreg Carbon Fiber & Aluminum

Compatibility: All Hyundai Elantra CN7 Sedan Models 2021~2023

- Carbon Fiber Spoiler Deck (1pc)
- Carbon Fiber Spoiler Endplates (2pcs 1L + 1R)
- Carbon Fiber 3-Level Adjustable Swan Neck Brackets (2pcs 1L + 1R)
- Aluminum Reinforcement Plates (2pcs 1L + 1R)
- Trunk Plates (2psc 1L + 1R)

Spoiler Deck Dimension & Weight:
158.5cm x 30cm x 4.5cm  |  2lbs

Spoiler Endplates Dimension & Weight:
33.5cm x 16.4cm x 0.3cm  |  0.05lbs

Spoiler Brackets Dimension & Weight:
40cm x 27.5cm x 1.3cm  |  0.05lbs

Aluminum Reinforcement Plates Dimension & Weight:
16cm x 16.7cm x 11cm  |  0.05lbs

Shipping: Current preorder estimated delivery dates from order dates range from 2~3 months depending on the selected item(s).
We will contact you with your estimated delivery date in the order received.

Designed and Manufactured in Korea

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