M&S FRP Hood for KIA Stinger



This item is only available through our preorder program.
Limited quantities are available every 3~4 months.


Maximum count of orders for this preorder is 20*

Pre-order purchase is available until 03.15.2023 or when sold out.  Orders will begin shipping out 45 days from the close preorder date.  Delivery will take approximately 3~5 business days from the shipment date.

* 50% refundable if canceled *


Material: FRP
Lighter in weight than most carbon fiber overlay hoods on the market.

Fitment: All Kia Stinger Model Years & Trim Levels

Contents: M&S FRP Hood for Kia Stinger
- Mesh inserts
- Low-pressure hood struts

Weight: OEM Hood: 39lbs    //    M&S FRP Hood: 16lbs
This hood is not an overlay and is a full FRP item *

Installation: Direct Replacement

Designed and Manufactured in Korea

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