M&S Aeroart Widebody Kit for Hyundai Veloster N


Material: FRP

Color: Primer Finished

Contents: Front Fenders 4pcs (2L + 2R)
Rear Fenders 5pcs (2L + 3R)
Rear Spats 2pcs (1L + 1R)

Product Details:
-Fenders: +45mm wide each side
***Factory dimension for overall width is 1810mm (approx. 71.25 inches).
With the fenders, the overall width of the N will become 1900mm (approx. 74.80 inches)***

-The demo vehicle has the following wheel/tire specs:
Wheels - 18 x 9.5 +22 (square setup)
Tires - 265/35/18 
Camber (Front) - negative 3.6 degrees
Camber (Rear) - negative 1 degrees

Shipping: Ships within 3-5 Business Days
Added Paint Option Requires Additional 1-3 weeks

Designed and Manufactured in Korea

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