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Where Can I Get Authentic M&S Parts?

Where Can I Get Authentic M&S Parts?









Since the launch of M&S America, we’ve been receiving numerous inquiries regarding authenticity of M&S products. To clarify this matter, we will list our official authorized distributors in North America below and will address companies that have been selling fake or replica M&S products.  
After a thorough review and investigation, we were able to identify retailers that are distributing unauthorized replica of M&S parts.  And we are currently in touch with them to address this matter.
There are a few obvious indicators of fake parts such as the manufactured material, product quality & fitment, and retail prices.
Companies that are making replica of Hyper G are using one of our products as the original mold and fabricating parts in this way will inevitably cause fitment issues over time.
Many of these companies selling fake M&S parts specifically carry and distribute unauthorized replica of the body kit bumpers for the Genesis Coupes listed with our brand name and images.  
If you have purchased fake M&S bumpers in the past from the vendors in question; please stay tuned as we will be offering an event in the near future to help compensate for your loss.  
We dedicated 5 years in planning and preparing the launch of our global branch with the purpose of connecting local businesses to consumers, enthusiasts, and fans of M&S and the KDM scene/market in general. Our current authorized vendors are listed below and M&S products can be purchased from these companies. We are communicating and working with reputable vendors and businesses in Canada, Australia, and Europe at the moment and will soon be adding businesses located outside of the US on our Authorized Distributors page.  As we grow further with help of KDM fans, the list will be updated periodically.   
List of Authorized Distributors:
·         GEN RACER
·         G4WERKZ
·         KDMHOLIC
·         KHARTUNERZ
·         K8 STINGER STORE
·         K5 OPTIMA STORE