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Our New Shipment has Safely Arrived!

Our New Shipment has Safely Arrived!

M&S R4TEN ABS Spoiler + Glass Wing Roof Spoiler *NEW*
for Hyundai Genesis Coupe BK1 & BK2

New M&S Parts

We live in such crazy times.
World is running out of hand sanitizers, masks, and necessities such as toilet paper and drinking water.
South Korea is currently in complete lockdown mode due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.
And yet here we are, still doing what we do best: Stocking inventory on not toilet paper, but M&S car parts!

This shows our resilience, determination, and passion in trying our utmost best to provide the KDM community with the best quality aftermarket parts possible!

We have been out of stock in the US on some of our most popular parts such as the splitters & spoilers for the Stinger, replacement radiator grille for the Genesis Coupes, Veloster Turbo, and the Elantra Sport.
Many customers recently had to experience a bit of delay in receiving their parts being shipped from our location in South Korea.
For those of you that experienced this inconvenience, we are deeply grateful for your patience and for using our services.  We will do our best to not run out of stock with our parts in North America.

With that said, we are happy to announce, all parts inventory have now been replenished!

In addition, make sure you don’t fall asleep on our NEW ITEMS ALERT!
Please note, new parts are brought in for the following platforms:
·         Genesis Coupe BK1 & BK2
·         Genesis Sedan BH
·         Genesis Sedan DH
·         Genesis G80 & G80 Sport
·         Tucson TL

Please checkout our new item release R4TEN Wicker Bill style spoiler for the Genesis Coupe.

Thank you all for your support.
New and exciting item releases for various Hyundai and Kia platforms are planned for arrival with our next shipment in July so stay tuned!