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New Shipment Arrives At The Houston Facility

New Shipment Arrives At The Houston Facility

New Shipment Arrives at the Houston Facility

We get around 4~5 “hell weeks” a year. It’s when we receive sea freight containers. As much as it is exciting to receive new shipment arrivals, unloading and running the inventory and then organizing a few containers worth of products is no joke; hence, we call them “hell weeks.”

But again, it’s electrifying to bring in new products to introduce to the car enthusiasts’ communities in the States and it is always good to re-stock on sold-out parts.

Our first sea freight shipment since the grand opening at Houston back in August arrived safely in November 2022. Body kit bumpers and most of aero-parts and lowering springs have been re-stocked at M&S America since then.

With this shipment that just came in, we are fully stocked on the “Force Series” items and Carbon Fiber parts for Kia Stinger and the newly released “Science Kit” for Kia K5 DL3.

The next hell week with a shipment scheduled for later in the Spring/Summer will have the 2022 SEMA kits and more Carbon Fiber parts available. And we have more exciting news to be shared later in the summer of 2023 at M&S America. Let’s keep them coming!