Introducing the New Release of the M&S Suspension Parts













Yet another shipment has safely arrived!

Along with new aeroparts for more vehicle platforms now available in the US stock including widebody kit for Veloster N, M&S America is expanding its bounds to performance and suspension parts.

The expansion begins with the debut of our lowering springs and coilovers in the US.
The M&S lowering springs are loaded and made with spring rates and drop rates that offer different ride heights for each vehicle model. And the M&S Coilover Kits are made specifically for the KDM vehicles to provide better handling and cornering to differentiate itself from many generic coilover kits available in the market.

Our R4TEN wicker duckbill spoilers for the Genesis Coupes are now in stock at our facilities in the US! New aeroparts for the Elantra MD, Elantra AD, and the Sonata YF were also added to our US inventory.








We have been working diligently in developing new parts to bring in our next delivery, and we have exciting projects at works to introduce more new parts to the KDM community in the coming months!

With many new vehicles that are coming out such as the N-Line vehicles from Hyundai and facelift version of the Stinger and G70 scheduled to be released in the near future, we have decided to focus on developing parts that are made for these up and coming new vehicle platforms going forward.

It will be exciting to see what new releases will be included in our next shipment by end of this year. Please stay tuned and look out for the announcements of new releases in the next coming months from M&S America!
Thank you all for your continued support and keep safe!