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GET LOW: Houston & ROK Fest 2023

GET LOW: Houston & ROK Fest 2023

 Atlantic Street Movement (ASM) hosted a show “GET LOW: Houston” on March 11, 2023. ASM’s Texas Movement “Neomeets” hosted the pre-meet event for the GET LOW: Houston at the M&S America’s Houston facility the day before the show. 

Over 300 quality builds of all makes (including JDM, KDM, domestic, and Euro) showed up, having 25 vehicles parked in the indoor VIP spots, the pre-meet event at M&S America was a great success.

M&S America is offering another opportunity for the car enthusiasts in Houston area to come together to show off their builds: The first annual car show “ROK Fest 2023” hosted by M&S America is happening at the Houston facility located on 6942 Signat Drive on Sunday April 30, 2023.

The ROK Fest 2023 will have 100+ outdoor spots and 25 VIP indoor spots available for the participating show cars. The show cars will be judged by experts from different fields of automotive industry in Houston, and 18 crystal trophies will be awarded to the winners.

In addition to the show awards, there will be raffle giveaways including a fully sponsored set of wheels, a fully sponsored vehicle wrap, 3 fully sponsored LED underglow, and a fully sponsored vehicle tint. The ROK Fest 2023 will be a family friendly event with police officers on sight, live music with DJ, food and merchandise vendors, and show models.

All makes and models of vehicles are welcome to enter the show. Show vehicles and vendors must purchase tickets and register online at

There’s limited space available, so sign up now and show off your builds at the first annual car show “ROK Fest 2023” hosted by M&S America on April 30 th !